Best Forex Brokers in Norway 2021

Forex trading has already proved itself as an effective way of earning money online. A lot of people all over the world and in Norway consider it as an additional part-time job or even decide to change their ways and work on forex full-time.

If you are thinking about how to start trading, one of the first things to consider is a forex broker you will cooperate with. Forex broker is an organization which arranges the transaction becoming the third party of the deal.

Best Forex Brokers in Norway

Forex brokers in Norway are quite widespread, but it is still a challenging task to choose the one which will suit your needs perfectly. Before you make the selection, it is crucial to pay attention to multiple aspects, such as your experience, trading approach, and personal requirements. Follow our pieces of advice to find the best forex broker for yourself.

Best Norwegian Forex Brokers For Trading Beginners

If you only try yourself as a trader, choosing a broker for the first time might be pretty tricky. Plus, you should treat this carefully to gain as more knowledge from this cooperation as possible. As a newbie, make sure that the forex broker you choose follows the next requirements:

Norway is a European country, so the financial sphere here is regulated by the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) just like in all the region. Moreover, another local regulatory body is  the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway. Find the logos of these organisations in the bottom of your forex broker to make sure that you choose a legal service.

As for the beginner, it is significant for you to learn up to date information about trading. Choose top forex brokers which provide you with educational articles, presentations, guides, and other opportunities to learn.

Don’t ignore these two aspects as following them will provide you with a great start which will make your further trading career easier and more successful.

Best Forex Trading Platforms

Choosing a broker, it also matters which trading platform is better to use. The top forex brokers provide their users with the most up-to-date and advanced online platforms and software. But how to choose the best?

Remember, that your working tool needs to be convenient for you to use and easy to understand.

It is also important to analyse the market, so you should be provided with an opportunity to do that directly while working.

Pay attention to whether broker forex you choose has platforms for different OSs. It would be convenient, if you could enter the platform from your home computer or even smartphone or tablet.

We highly recommend to pay attention to these aspects because they will affect the quality of your work. Many Norwegian brokers offer a free trial of their platform, so it is better to give it a try and check whether it is comfortable for you.

Best Forex Brokers For Low Costs

Low cost trading is a quite popular trading strategy. The traders gain the profit by making the deals with small sums of money, increasing the number of the deals themselves. As a result, you gain less profit from one transaction, but this provides you with a better control of your assets in case of unsuccessful deal. Besides, it is a great method for those who are not ready to invest huge sums of money.

The strategy of low cost trading requires the specific type of the forex broker. The main requirements for the one would include their minimum deposit and commission fees amount. You need to pay for every transaction, so those that have the smallest price would be the best broker forex as you won’t spend more on each deal.

Best International Offering

International trading brokers have become a popular option in Norway. People tend to prefer international companies as the experience with numerous clients from different countries provides them with additional feel of trustworthiness. 

If you are eager to give it a try, consider several aspects. Please remember that the insurance coverage ranges between forex brokers based in different countries. If you choose European brokers, it is up to 20,000 EUR, while for the companies based in the United States, it is up to 500,000 USD. Plus, check whether the organization you select has a support in Norwegian or at least another language you speak.

Best For Day Trading (Professional Client Status)

If you are a day trading enthusiast, your trading strategy also requires specific requirements for the best broker forex you can choose. Day trading is a manipulative trading style which is characterized with rapid closing of the deals within one trading day. This means that the traders have a lot of the deals only in one day which affects the overall market. As a result, they profit because of these slight changes in the exchange rate.

Professional Client Status is the perfect match for this trading style. This Status is a result of the recent innovations launched by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) in 2018. Having this Status, you will be provided with an opportunity to profit more and even get bonuses. 

How To Choose A Forex Broker

Choosing the best forex broker can be a daunting task, so it is always better to know the necessary criteria for selecting a reliable one. Choosing between forex brokers in Norway, pay attention to the specific regulations of the country:

Moreover, make sure that the forex broker:

These basic requirements will become a great basis for your search.

How We Rate Forex Brokers

ForexN is a project which sheds a light on everything you need to know about top forex brokers. We work on the research to help our customers with a piece of advice and information. We make reviews and the ratings of forex brokers list.

To rate the best forex brokers in Norway, we take into consideration multiple criteria, such as regulation, customer support, design of the platform, fees and minimum deposits, and others. We also divide the brokers into separate groups so that you can find exactly the category that you need.

Best Norwegian Brokers Summary

If you are a resident of Norway, you have a great choice of both local and international forex brokers. Before you select the one, remember that this choice will affect your income, so note that the financial agent should fit your needs and trading style. We have provided you with the most necessary info on how to choose the appropriate broker, but if you are still hesitating, you can find more info in our ratings and reviews.